HARVEYTALKS is the blog of aspiring writer and Formula 1 journalist Jordan Harvey.

Being a motorsport fan from an early age, it became a goal for Jordan to break into motorsport. Quickly realising that becoming a driver would be unfeasible, he decided to pursue journalism as an avenue to his ambition.

Having started writing for a friend’s website back in 2014 and many more since, Jordan has laid the foundations for what he hopes, one day, to be a career in the industry.

Jordan has been a member of AUTOSPORT‘s junior talent development programme since 2015 and has been featured in the magazine several times in 2016 and hopes to continue his relationship hopefully for years to come.

HARVEYTALKS aims to provide Jordan’s best quality content at all times. Posts will not be scheduled on specific days due to other commitments, but detailed analysis pieces of every race of 2017 is planned for a few days after each event’s conclusion. Jordan hopes HARVEYTALKS will act as a platform for him to share views and insight on various topics and hopefully will lead to exciting opportunities, but most of all, he hopes you enjoy the blog!

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Image courtesy of Force India F1 Team


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